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About Me

Hello! I'm Alexander Rüedlinger or for short Alex.

I'm a Software developer, passionate programmer, hacker, and tinkerer. But I'm also a single Board Computer and GNU/Linux enthusiast. Besides all that I also like mountainbiking and reading.


MSc in Computer Science
University of Fribourg, Specialized in Distributed Systems.

Expertise in the following fields:
  • Sensor & Actuator Networks
  • Web of Things / Internet of Things
  • Embedded Systems like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Odroid
  • Semantic Web / Linked Data
  • RESTful Web APIs / Hypermedia APIs
  • Compiler Construction
  • Web Development

BSc in Economics (minor Computer Science)
University of Bern

Expertise in the following fields:
  • Statistical Methods / Empirical Methods
  • Econometrics Methods / Mathematical Economics
  • Time Series Analysis


Practical knowledge in the following aeras:
  • Object-Oriented Programming and Design Patterns
  • Test Driven Development
  • Sensor Driver Development
  • Rapid prototyping using Raspberry Pi/Arduino platform
  • Econometrics, Time Series Analysis, Statistics

Technology & Tools

Hands-on experience in using:
  • Python, IPython, Flask, Twisted, AsyncIO, Django
  • JavaScript, Node.js, express.js, React.js, Jquery, Semantic UI
  • Ruby, Sinatra, Rails
  • Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite, RDF
  • Basic C Programming and System Programming
  • Java
  • Vim, PyCharm, Eclipse, GIMP
  • Gitea, git, make, nginx
  • GNU/Linux: Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux
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