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In my spare time I like to code and to experiment with single board computers, sensors, as well as actuators. Moreover, I also like to contribute to open source projects to improve my coding and working skills.

Hobby Projects

Sensor Driver Development

Some user space drivers that I wrote in C/Python for some SBCs: Pure Python-based library for some popular I2C sensors: So far this Python library ships a basic sensor node application and CLI. Currently, this project implements drivers for the following sensors:
  • am2315/am2321
  • bh1750
  • bmp280/bmp180/bmp85/bme280
  • lm75
  • mpl115a2
  • mpl311a2
  • sht31
  • si7021

2017, contributor

In the Arc-Menu Project, I help to improve the code base, implement new features, as well as to fix bugs.

Involvement in FLOSS Projects

GNOME Project

Due to my involvement in Arc-Menu, I started to contribute to the GNOME project by repoting bugs and submitting patches:
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